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Experience Paris

The most visited city in the world, welcoming over 27 million visitors each year and offering 3,800 historical monuments, 20 arrondissements and an estimated 40,000 restaurants. An enchanting and overwhelming place for a newcomer eager to avoid tourist traps and experience Paris like a local. We at Friend in France are here to provide the warm welcome and local knowledge necessary to make you feel at home.

Experience the Riviera

A picturesque playground for the world's wealthiest since 1920’s, famous for Belle Epoque Palaces, Casinos, yachts and fine dining...The Riviera epitomises decadence and frivolity. A Côte d’Azur holiday has to be exceptional, unique and unforgettable regarless of your budget. We at Friend in France know that the French Riviera’s most precious gems are accessible to us all and we’re here to help you find them.