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Name: Belaïd KERMOUCH


Nationality: French


Passionate about: The great outdoors (mountains, horses, boats...)


Joined the Friend in France Team: Spring 2016


Why we're proud to have Belaïd in our team:


Belaïd was highly recommended to us by 2 other Friend in France guides who where once his colleagues in another company. 


He is thoughtful and has a peaceful nature which we think our team & clients will appreciate. 





What is the most important advice you give to friends and family when they visit you on the French Riviera?

Simply enjoy the sun and the natural beauty of our region. It also goes without saying that I encourage them to try the local food, including socca, salad niçoise and pan bagnat. 


What is your favourite spot on the French Riviera? 

My favorite place on the Riviera is the village of Saint-Paul de Vence for its beauty and history. It’s also fun to know that the village has attracted numerous artists and actors over the years, including Matisse, Marc Chagall, Jacques Prévert, and Yves Montand.


How would your family and friends describe you? 

My family and friends would probably say that I’m friendly, fun and open-minded.


What is your favorite restaurant? 

My favorite restaurant is the Auberge de la Croix du Pape in Eze. It’s a little, authentic, Mediterranean restaurant offering amazing views of the village.


What is your favorite time of year on the Riviera? 

Personally, September is my favourite month on the French Riviera because it’s still hot & sunny but you don’t have summer season traffic & crowds.


What do you think is the “must” visit attraction on the Riviera?

The “must” visit attraction for me is the Principality of Monaco because although it lives up to its glitzy and glamorous reputation, it’s also a charming place and not as expensive as one might think.


Which is your favorite tour? 

My favorite tour is Nice, Eze and Monaco because it provides the opportunity to visit three very different towns in just a few hours. From the busy and down to earth capital of the region, to old stone medieval charm and ending with glamour and decadence. 


Your favorite spot where you go to relax on days off? 

On my day off I like to go for a ride to San Remo in Italy so I can enjoy a typical Italian meal and then I end my day with some shopping.


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