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Name: Jenn Radford


Nationality: Canadian


Passionate about: My boys, apéros and swimming in the sea!


Joined the Friend in France Team: Spring 2017


Why we're proud to have Jenn in our team:


Jenn is not only completely bilingual and charming but also an established entrepreneur in her own right. In summer 2017, she will be helping us with logistics from the office, making sure that everything runs smoothly for our customers and team. 

Jenn will also be involved in an exciting new project that we look forward to launching in 2018. Watch this space...



What is the most important advice you give to friends and family when they visit you on the french rivieria ? 


Learn to slow down! Nice is an amazing, dynamic, bustling place with all of its markets, cafés and apéro culture, but it is important not to get frustrated when things seem to move at a snails pace. Learn to appreciate the fact that everything closes for lunch, and join in!


What is your favourite spot on the French Riviera? 


I think that one of the best things about the Riviera is always finding new and special places. Keeping your senses open to new discoveries. However, all of that being said, to me there’s no better place than a private plage with melon and rosé.

How would your family and friends describe you? 


Loving, generous, creative and opinionated (maybe too much so sometimes!)


What is your favorite restaurant? 


So many great restaurants for so many different reasons. One of my favourite has to be Le Local down on Nice port, where you get homemade Italian deliciousness 6 days a week. I recommend getting a few antipasti plates and sharing them around with a bottle of ice cold Lambrusco to start the night off right. I also love A Casetta a lively, warm, welcoming Corsican restaurant also near the port. It’s the perfect way to discover the special food and culture of the island, particularly if you don’t have time to go visit Corsica on your trip!


What is your favorite time of year on the Riviera? 


I love July. Plain and simple. When the sun seems never to set and the sea is warm and inviting!


What do you think is the “must” visit attraction on the Riviera?


For me, off the beaten track adventures up in the hills behind Nice are the real must-see. As far as the gorges de Verdun, Moustieres Saint Marie, and the small villages of the arrière pays. For me with my two young boys, there’s nothing better than the adventure center at Saint Martin du Vesubie and the natural outdoor swimming pool at Roquebilliere.


Which is your favorite tour? 

Riviera Vineyards. Spending the day tasting, exploring, and enjoying some of the world’s best wines? Sign me up!



Your favorite spot where you go to relax on days off? 


When I have a day off but not too much time to plan a major excursion, I quite like relaxing at the small beach at La Reserve. It’s a beautiful walk down on the far side of Nice port and is really full of locals enjoying a bit of sun on their lunch break. Perfect also for distance swimming and a sunset glass of wine at the iconic Plongoire.

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