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Name: Cyril Blavier


Nationality: French


Passionate about: General knowledge and being a great dad 


Joined the Friend in France Team: January 2014


Why we're proud to have Cyril in our team


guide since 2001, Cyril is a fountain of knowledge and never short of excellent at his job. 

His past work experience includes owning his own restaurant and working as a circus acrobate. 

We're lucky that he now brings his wide ranging expertise and experience to Friend in France. Our clients love him and so do we!

MEET cyril...


What is the most important advice you give to friends and family when they visit you on the French Riviera?

First of all, if they’re visiting during the summer I encourage them to bring sunglasses, hat and sun protection. The sun here is beautiful but can also be very harsh on Northern hemisphere skin. However tempting it may be, don’t fall asleep while sunbathing, sunburn can spoil your holiday!


What is your favourite spot on the French Riviera? 

Destinations such as Cannes and Monaco are fantastic, but I particularly love the coastal and cliff-roads we take to reach them. Visitors are always surprised to discover how much there is to be said about places they would otherwise have just whizzed past and some of the most breathtaking views are found in little slip roads that only locals know of.


How would your family and friends describe you? 

I’m known as an entertainer and as “Mister Knowledge”.  I always have a story, an anecdote or a fact to slip into conversations. Being a guide comes very naturally to me and it’s always rewarding to exceed visitor’s expectations and share my enthusiasm with them.


What is your favorite restaurant? 

“La Passagére”  beach restaurant of Belles Rives palace hotel in Juan les pins. This is the first place I worked when I arrived in 2000. I spent a full season there preparing sea bass fillets in front of guests while they enjoyed the views overlooking the Lérins islands with their feet in the warm sand. A great place to sip a glass of rosé wine.


What is your favorite time of year on the Riviera? 

Definitely autumn, from September to December. The roads and beaches are free, so conditions are ideal to explore, discover and relax on the French Riviera. With a few clouds appearing in the sky, autumn also offers the very best sunsets.


What do you think is the “must” visit attraction on the Riviera?

I love nature, and our botanical gardens are amazing. In particular, I would suggest spending time at the “Rothschild’s Villa”, a site which beautifully represents early 20th Century elegance and luxury on the French Riviera. The gardens are exquisite and the views cover two bays. This is a ‘must see’ for anyone interested in stately gardens, history or beautiful places in general.


Which is your favorite tour?
Another hard choice, but escaping to Italy is a real treat. One of the perks of my job is that I get to experience it while being on duty.


Your favorite spot where you go to relax on days off? 

Eze Bord de Mer beach, lying, eating, snorkeling and relaxing.

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