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Name: Jérôme Vermont


Nationality: French


Passion for: Travel, live music & meeting new people


Joined the Friend in France Team: Spring 2015


Why we're proud to have Jérôme in our team:


Jérôme is full of energy and enthusiasm. He loves meeting people and sharing his knowledge of the region. 

His English is amazing and he's got a thing about never EVER being late. 


Jérôme also loves being part of a strong team...So he's perfectly suited to Friend in France. 


MEET jérôme...


What is the most important advice you give to friends and family when they visit you in the French Riviera? 

It depends which time of the year they plan to be here because the Riviera has loads of seasonal activites to offer: skiing in winter and watersports in summer. Sunscreens and sunglasses are amust because we have 300 days of sunshine a year! 


What is your favourite spot in the French Riviera?

Obviously, there are many to choose from, but if I had to select just one I would say the Medieval village of Gourdon, very authentic and a bit off the beaten track.  Best of all I particularly like the road which leads to Tourette sur Loup from Gourdon, called " les gorges du loup" travelling along it you can see some of the amazing natural beauty of the hinterland: waterfalls, caves and the rushing river. 



How would your family and friends describe you?

This is actually quite hard to answer!  I think my family and friends see me as a pretty dynamic guy with an open mind, cultivated during my travels around the world. I'm friendly and always ready to help, share with or learn from people of all nationalities. 


What is your favorite restaurant?

There are a lot of regional sepcialities in the south east of France and consequently a lot of very good restaurants in different villages or cities on the Côte d'Azur.  I really like one of them located in "Le cap d'Antibes" called "La Garoupe" located on the beach, in a small bay surrounded by wild nature. They serve very good seafood in an authentic atmosphere.


What is your favorite time of year in the Riviera?

In my opinion the best time of the year is what we call the "back season", which is from September to November. There is an amazing light during this period, the temperature is mild, with a little breeze and the summer crowds have gone. Just perfect!


What do you think is the “must” visit attraction in the Riviera?

It really depends on what you're interested in.  I think Monaco is a "must see" for being unique as the second smallest country in the world but I have to admit that I really like Saint Paul de Vence, also called "The Artist's Village"  a lot of painters decided to settle there for the amazing landscape around... a really special atmosphere reigns there. This is also the third most visited village of France after Versailles and Mont Saint Michel.


Which is your favorite tour?

My favorite tour is the one through the Countryside which includes Grasse, the historical center of perfume, Gourdon, a medieval village located in the mountains from which you can see over 50 miles of coast, and to finish.... Saint Paul de Vence, "The Artist Village". All along the way we go on interesting roads and through beautiful landscapes far away from the cities.


Your favorite spot where you go to relax on days off?

Local people and especially we guides, all have our little hidden and secret places we won't easily reveal in order to keep them authentic! That is unless we get to know each other and then, maybe, I'll give you some of my little secretes.

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